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PAIMA BY-LAWS – 10-2-2019

Recent Changes

  • 2014 Amendment:
  • PAIMA Members must be registered to attend an Annual Convention at least once every other year.
  • 2015 Amendment:
  • PAIMA Members must notify the PAIMA office, within 30 days, of any changes in ownership or management.
  • 2016 – 2017 Amendments
  • Penalty fee of $500 will be levied for non-attendance compliance every two years.
  • Effective October 2017, all new PAIMA Members must be IAM Members as well to ensure RPP protection for all PAIMA Members.
  • No charitable donations of association funds can be approved by the Board of Directors or PAIMA Members for other organizations, institutions or non-governmental organizations.
  • 2018 Amendments
  • Make “English” the official language of PAIMA.
  • Section 2.3 and 2.4 – consolidation of Associate and Active Members into same section.
  • In the event that the Board of Directors rejects an Applicant’s Application, the Association shall refund the Applicant Fee paid, less an administrative processing fee of $250.
  • Arbitration Assistance: Addition of verbiage below to By-Laws – Section 3.1 (d)
    o Both parties in question MUST be Association Members for arbitration assistance
    o Requesting Member must provide Association office the following:
    a) copy of invoice and amount in question
    b) copy of OBL and other documents: (e.g. quotation, receipts, harbor fees, etc.) and other necessary documents
    c) e-mail chain with proof of multiple requests for payment
    o Association Regional Director will reach out to Member in question to request prompt resolution. Regional Director will NOT present proof to Member in question.
    o If no resolution obtained by Regional Director, Executive Director will reach out to Member in question to escalate matter and obtain resolution
    o If Association office is not able to solve arbitration issues, Board of Directors will set forth efforts to obtain resolution to dispute.
    o If above mentioned steps are not successful, recommend requesting IAM RPP protection assistance.
  • Section 3.1 (f) – Addition – “New management must inform in writing any management changes related to purchase of Association Member”.
  • Section 3.1 (g) – New addition: “If sold ownership is on the Board of Directors, Board of Director Member must resign if new ownership is not an Association member”.
  • Section Article VI: Addition of 6.9 – Association insurance: “Insured Persons and Organization: Limit of Liability: a) $1,000,000 aggregate for all Loss (other than Costs, Charges and Expenses b) $1,000,000 maximum aggregate for this coverage section. Employment Practices Liability: 1) Limit of Liability: $1,000,000 maximum aggregate for all Loss (other than Costs, Charges and Expenses) for this coverage section.”
    Insured Persons means all persons who were, now are or shall become:
    a) a director, officer, trustee, trustee emeritus, governor, executive director, department head or committee member (of a duly constituted committee of the Organization) of the Organization.”
  • Section 8.1- Addition at the end of the paragraph….or otherwise disqualified to serve, “or death.”
  • Section 8.3 – Addition to section (a) Assume and carry out the authorities and duties of the President: (i) during his or her absence or incapacity; and/or (ii) through direct delegation; and/or (iii) when so agreed by the Board of Directors or the General Assembly; and/or after resignation or death of the President.
  • Article X – Executive Director – Section 10.1 End of paragraph: “Executive Director duties will include approaching and supporting prospective Association Members; maintaining all Association books and records; providing yearly pre-convention site inspections for convention program activity options and convention budgeting; providing convention activity options and budgeting to the Board of Directors; attendance to other conventions approved by the Board of Directors.”
  • 2019 Amendment
  • Article III – “RIGHTS & OBLIGATIONS OF THE MEMBERS” – Section 3.7 Termination or Cancellation of Membership. Memberships to the Association can be terminated or cancelled, in any of the following manners:

    (e) By the Board of Directors should a Company fail to meet its financial obligations to the Association; and/or failing to meet their financial obligations with another Member.

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